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Videos for Parents (English)

1.) Dr. Joyce Epstein is famous for her work with parent involvement (Johns Hopkins University).
Check out her discussion on School and Families.

2.) 1960: "Harvest of Shame" Migrant Farm Workers

3.) Inspirational Video (Kyle Maynard)

4.) Education in America: Don’t fail me now (Part 1)

5.) Inspirational Story: Friends of Fate

6.) Inspirational Video: Never quit “Facing the Giants”

7.) Famous Failures (Motivational Videos)

8.) One Person Can make a Difference (Lead India the Tree)
9.) Santiago Gonzalez (14 year old Programmer)

10.) Dr. Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa, Author, "Becoming Dr. Q."

11.) Jose M. Hernandez - Nasa Astronaut

12.) Astronauts@Google: NASA Astronaut José M. Hernández on "Dreaming the Impossible

13.) Qualities of Leadership - Leadership Quotes

14.) TMB Panyee FC short film (Make the impossible possible)
15.) Pt 1 - First to Worst: California Education Funding

16.)   Family Reading Night at Freeman (2013-14)