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Math- Common Core

"Sneaky Mouse" For Grades K-1 (Asilomar Math Conference)

"Sneaky Mouse" For Grades K-1 (Asilomar Math Conference)title

* 3 or 4 students in a group

*  Everyone gets the same amount of cubes however each student has a different color.  Each student gets 7 different color cubes in a bag.  All of the cubes go in a bag and one student is the sneaky mouse.  The sneaky Mouse takes 1 color out of a bag when the student’s eyes are closed.  No one knows what color is missing from the bag.  The students try and find out which cube is missing.  Everyone dumps the cubes on the table and students try to figure out what color the sneaky mouse has.  When the game is more advanced, the sneaky mouse can take out 2 cubes etc. 
Quick Images (K-1) (Asilomar Math Conference)

Quick_Images_(K-1)_(Asilomar_Math_Conference) iconQuick Images (K-1) (Asilomar Math Conference)title

·   The teacher places a series of dots with students having no pencil and no paper and they need to see and remember how many dots there are.  The conversation that comes afterwards is where the learning occurs.  Example: arrange a series of dots like this:

.         .         .

.         .         .

How many dots are there?

How did you get the dots?

Student 1:  “I saw 6 and then 1 more.”

Student 2: “I saw a 2 , 3, and 2”

Student 3 “I saw a 3, 3, and 1”

This will help students make groups, as well as practice addition. 
Mental Math Computation Practice (Grades 3-6) (Asilomar Math Conference)

Mental_Math_Computation_Practice_(Grades_3-6)_(Asilomar_Math_Conference) iconMental Math Computation Practice (Grades 3-6) (Asilomar Math Conference)title

Designing math experience for all students.  Have students look at a bunch of coins beneath the document projector.  Give the students 10 seconds to try to count in their heads.  Have students try and estimate how much money there is.  Next organize the coins in rows according to value without students seeing the coins.  Turn on the document camera so that all students can see the coins in groups for 10 seconds.  Next have them estimate the equation after they have had the opportunity to view the number.
Introduction to Coordinate Plane (Asilomar Math Conference)

Introduction_to_Coordinate_Plane_(Asilomar_Math_Conference) iconIntroduction to Coordinate Plane (Asilomar Math Conference)title

Level 1:
Draw points on the board all over. Select 2 students and one selects a dot and the other needs to explain where the dots are at. This way students can practice communicating. Then the partner has to guess which dot is the students.  

Level 2:
Add a coordinate plane to help students figure out where their dot is at. Have students talk again using the coordinate plane.
Math Journal Practice

Math_Journal_Practice iconMath Journal Practicetitle