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Differentiation for Advanced Students

Dr. John Hattie, author of Visible Learning, stated that we should keep a focus on advanced students as well. Freeman Elementary School encourages students who are advanced to accelerate their learning.  Acceleration of students is a high-impact strategy.  Here are some ideas for differentiating instruction.

1.) During Boardmath time have the advanced students participate with a grade level above.  This will expose them to more challenging math problems.  

2.) Use the Marzano word list to select the above grade level vocabulary words to practice.

3.) Use the Application "ShowMe" and have the student create a presentation on a topic that they will explore further.  This may be an extension of a lesson.  

4.) The 28 Club differentiates multiplication and division practice.

5.) Use questioning techniques that involve Webb's Depth of Knowledge.

6.) Advanced students may benefit from a Project-Based Learning lesson.  A great framework is the one provided by the Buck Institute.  

7.) Project-Based learning student handouts.  

8.) Project-Based Learning Videos

9.) Have a folder in students' desks with things that they may do in case they finish early.  This work should be challenging.  Think of the level 4 questioning techniques of Webb;s DOK above.