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Area 3 Writing Project (6/27/16-7/1/16)

Writing Sprints

Writing_Sprints iconWriting Sprintstitle

* Give students 3 minutes to write about different topics.  They must write as fast as they can.  Some of the topics that you could use are:

- I am 13 years old.........

- If I could have a do over.........

- I want to write about.......

- My body remembers............

- I am celebrating because.......

This strategy is a great technique so that students practice writing. Remember if students are stuck then they will need to copy the prompt.  

After students write several prompts, have them select one prompt that they would like to write more about.  This allows students to have student choice.  

Click HERE to view the procedures for Writing Sprints.  
Drop of a roller coaster
A box with a bunch of colors coming from it
A small waterfall
Teach Students how to Work in Writing Groups

Teach_Students_how_to_Work_in_Writing_Groups iconTeach Students how to Work in Writing Groupstitle

K/1 - Stamina

K/1_-_Stamina iconK/1 - Staminatitle

With kindergarten teach students what the word stamina means.  "I needed to have stamina when I ran for 4 hours. Imagine running from the time you get here until lunch time.  That took stamina.  Today we will work on writing for 2 minutes.  Tomorrow we will write for 5 minutes until we keep building our stamina up."