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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently_Asked_Questions iconFrequently Asked Questionstitle

Click HERE to see lessons that are aligned with the new common core state standards. 
These lessons are made by teachers for teachers.  You will need to register to this website to gain access but it is free and user friendly.  The lessons contain power point presentations and videos as well as useful tools for teaching.    

Click HERE to see digital resources aligned with the Common Core Standards.  (Contra Costa County Office of Education)
Click HERE to see the Common Core State Standards Unpacked.

(Tulare County Office of Education)
Smarter Balanced Teacher Guide

Smarter_Balanced_Teacher_Guide iconSmarter Balanced Teacher Guidetitle

These guides provide grade band specific information about the Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments for English language arts/literacy and mathematics. The guides are organized by grade span to ...more

Common Core State Standards

SBAC and STAR Math

SBAC_and_STAR_Math iconSBAC and STAR Mathtitle

The New California State Standards (ELA)

The_New_California_State_Standards_(ELA) iconThe New California State Standards (ELA)title

Click HERE to better understand the proficiency levels of the new California Standards. 
Writing Prompts

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Click HERE to search writing prompts.
Identify the Lexile Level of Any Text........

Identify_the_Lexile_Level_of_Any_Text........ iconIdentify the Lexile Level of Any Text........title

The Lexile Framework for Reading company logo
Click HERE to learn more about CLOSE reading.
What Is CLOSE Reading?

What_Is_CLOSE_Reading? iconWhat Is CLOSE Reading?title

Click HERE to read a primer on CLOSE reading. 
A Lesson On CLOSE Reading

A_Lesson_On_CLOSE_Reading iconA Lesson On CLOSE Readingtitle

3 key ideas for parents about the common core: thinking deeply, integrating learning, and showing how they know
Common Core State Standards for Reading

Common_Core_State_Standards_for_Reading iconCommon Core State Standards for Readingtitle

Language Standards K-5 | 6-12
Reading (Foundational Skills) K-5 | ---
Reading (Informational) K-5 | 6-12
Reading (Literature) K-5 | 6-12
Speaking and Listening K-5 | 6-12
Writing Standards K-5 | 6-12
Great Website to surf regarding Common Core.  (Elk Grove Unified School District)

Click HERE for a list of Common Core Resources.
Things Schools Can Do To Get Ready For Common Core

Things_Schools_Can_Do_To_Get_Ready_For_Common_Core iconThings Schools Can Do To Get Ready For Common Coretitle

Common Core State Standards Locker

Common_Core_State_Standards_Locker iconCommon Core State Standards Lockertitle

What are the 6 Shifts of ELA for the New CCSS?

What_are_the_6_Shifts_of_ELA_for_the_New_CCSS? iconWhat are the 6 Shifts of ELA for the New CCSS?title

Click HERE to review the 6 shifts of the CCSS.

Click HERE for Student friendly common core standards.
4 Shifts In Instruction Based On CCSS

4_Shifts_In_Instruction_Based_On_CCSS icon4 Shifts In Instruction Based On CCSStitle

1) Language Development Across the Curriculum

2) Rigor and Text Complexity

3) Increased Focus on Listening and Speaker

4) Emphasis on Collaboration, Inquiry, and Teamwork
California Standards Lexile le