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ASES Student Enrollment  2022-2023
  • Phone calls and emails will be made to parents of students who have been referred to attend ASES next school year.
  • Once either is received coordinator will inform parents of what is the enrollment process.
  • Parent Orientation will be mandatory for students will be part of ASES 2022-2023. Dates are to be determined.

Our academic component consists of daily homework assistance, curriculum and instruction, and teacher-tutor collaboration. Daily homework assistance occurs during the first hour of the program.  This consist of whole group tutoring, one on one tutoring, small group tutoring, and peer tutoring. Tutors work with grade level teachers on a consistent basis about teaching techniques, materials, and lesson plans to best meet student needs.

Other than homework assistance, we also offer a wide range of academic programs for our students. All of these additional programs are meant to prepare students for the state test, as well as improve and evaluate their skills. As a whole, students receive at least one and a half hours of academic support on a daily basis. Some curriculum consists of SIPPS, Language Plus, and Math Plus.

Homework Assistance: As stated above, students receive up to one hour for homework assistance. Students receive assistance in the form of tutor help, peer assistance, as well as group tutoring. Students are on task, working diligently to finish and complete assignments. Tutors check work at least once during the day, giving students time to redo errors or problems. As noted on the main page of ASES Freeman, students may not finish all of their work.  Work that is not finished, MUST be completed at home. ASES is not just homework, but enrichment and recreation as well.
Attendance Policy

Attendance for the ASES Program at Freeman Elementary is mandatory.  Students are expected to come every day there is school and to report to the program right when the bell rings.  Attendance is mandatory because there is such a waitlist and demand for the ASES Program and also because this program is funded through the state, which looks at attendance as one factor for continued funding.

Since attendance is mandatory, students are given up to three unexcused absences before they are dropped from the program. Coordinators may do so at their discretion.

Excused absences (that do not count towards dropping a student from ASES) include:
  • Doctor appointments
  • Dentist appointments
  • Illness
  • Family trip/vacation
  • Family emergency/crisis
  • Going out of town
  • No available transportation
Unexcused absences are anything not mentioned above, such as ditching or doing things around town (such as watching a movie, going to a birthday party, etc).

Enrollment Policy

Enrollment for the ASES Program varies for each school within the district. At Freeman Elementary, enrollment into the ASES Program ranges from academics to safety. Below are all the reasons a student may be enrolled into ASES. Please note, not all conditions need to be met. State test scores are the main standards for student enrollment.
  • RESULTS Assessment/State Test scores
  • Teacher Referral
  • If a student has a sibling already in ASES
  • IF a student was in ASES the previous year
  • Safety
  • No one at home can help with homework
  • Student is on the waitlist
Once all slots are taken in the program then students are placed on a waitlist. When a position opens in a grade, the Coordinators will examine the waitlist and choose from the first few names, with teacher cousel. If your student is on the waitlist, it may take time for that student to be added to the program. Slots are taken very fast within the first days of school starting.

If a parent would like their child to be considered for the ASES Program, the best advice would be to bring up your student's name to their current grade level teacher. If the teacher believes that student could benefit from the ASES Program, then that student will be recommended to the Coordinators for this or the next school year.

Please note that not all students are automatically re-enrolled for the program the following school year. If students are academically doing well or have great discipline or behavior then they may not be re-invited back. One goal of the ASES Program is for students to become independent and self-supporting. The needs and numbers of students requiring ASES help grows every year and we must accomodate as many students as possible.

A balance of student ability, from below basic to proficient, is sought so that students have peer help, along with tutor assistance. Having students who are either behaviorally adept or academically on target in each grade gives students role models and a visual for what is expected out of great Freeman Falcon students. ASES is neither Detention nor Counseling, that means we do not invite students that cannot respect other students, adults, or their space, or are consistently behind in work.

All final decisions are made at Coordinator discretion.
Laura Killion
Freeman Elementary
ASES Coordinator